Monday, July 26, 2010

pork and beans

as you know, this is nid - she always has great ideas.

pictured: nid having great ideas (also, check out those pipes!)

on saturday nid's great idea was bringing me and bear along to her dad's annual bbq for reasons that included the following snack table:

also, mystery punch.

then it rained. A LOT.

things were looking grim.

then it stopped raining and we were put to work shucking corn. we kind of wished it was still raining...

there was a lot of a corn.

then there was a pig. there were also two pork roasts and a pile of ribs in case there wasn't enough pig.

there were some beans. 33 litres of beans.

multiple pies and cakes were also involved. that was my time to shine. bear had pie as a brief interlude to more pork and then sang a little song about pork being dessert. i love bear.

bryabees, maddie, and eryn managed to bring a new level of style to food comas and meat sweats.

meanwhile, nid and i were busy being awesome.

things definitely got more and more "interesting" as the night wore on and people got progressively more drunk on pork and "adult beverages". me and bear had our love officially sanctioned by a hatian immigrant and nid made a new friend:

i love you nid. you have great ideas.


dear oink oinks,

i didn't eat any of you. please don't haunt me.

love so pauvre


Nid said...

Awww Oink Oinks. If you didn't want me to eat you, you shouldn't have tasted so good.

"I love pork. Pork is dessert."

Nid said...

ps...I talked to my dad yesterday and he said "did you guys get enough to eat?"

Chris C. said...

No. No I didn't. But that was my stomach's fault, and not your dad's. I want more of that pigmeats.

alicia said...

i want banana cream pieeeeeeeeee!!!

Suburban Hypocrite said...

"Daaaad, those all come from the same animal!"

"Yeeeees Lisa, a maaaagical animal."

P.S. Nid DOES have nice pipes! :)